Ruby is the leader of «WOMP» and has been playing FFXIV since Heavensward. Generally, he makes sure everyone is having a fun time. He’s online a lot, and even though he’s usually idling, he’s happy to talk to or help anyone who wants or needs it.

Favorite Class: Summoner or Scholar

Favorite Emote: /dote


Krystal Salidge is the second in Command of «WOMP». She’s been playing FFXIV since right before Heavensward and has done nearly all of the content in the game at least once. She is the FC pet and perhaps the biggest goof. She loves helping people in any way and does her best to help others achieve their goals.

Favorite Job: Machinist or Dancer

Favorite Word: Meow


Jabano is a Senior Officer and has been a part of FFXIV since 2016. He enjoys taking his battles to the frontlines as a GNB or DRK tank primarily, but is willing to fill any role needed. When he’s not performing his officer duties such as tinkering in the company workshop or helping fellow members run content, he likes to take in the whimsical atmosphere that FFXIV offers.

Favorite Orchestrion Roll: The Extreme

Favorite Minion: Drippy